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Wild Wings Ecology Ltd is an independent company founded in 2018, combining specialist ecological services, quality training provision and applied research, with particular expertise in bats.

We are based at the University of East Anglia campus in Norwich, Norfolk.

Meet the Team

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Philip Parker Associates

Dr Charlotte (Lotty) Packman BSc(Hons) MSc PhD CEcol MCIEEM – Director

Lotty’s background is in applied ecological research, with a PhD and post-doctoral research at the University of East Anglia and University of Bristol. Lotty has been conducting research into managing the impacts of large bat colonies on medieval churches, using innovative techniques and running large-scale radio-tracking trials.

Lotty is passionate about bats and leads on mist-netting, harp-trapping and radio-tracking projects as well as running our popular Bat Licence Training Courses (and is also the Trainer for the Bats in Churches Class Licence).

Lotty is a Trustee of the Norfolk Barbastelle Study Group and member of the Norfolk Small Myotis Study Group. Additionally, she supervises a variety of bat research projects at the University of East Anglia.

Lotty holds Level 3 & 4 Bat Survey Class Licences, a range of Research Project Licences and is a Registered Consultant for the Bat Mitigation (Low Impact) Class Licence and Bats in Churches Class Licence (Level 2). Lotty is a Chartered Ecologist and Full CIEEM Member.

Dave Andrews BSc(Hons) MSc – Associate

Dave has been working as an Ornithologist and Consultant Ecologist since 2010, following a MSc in Applied Ecology and Conservation at the University of East Anglia. Specialising in ornithology, Dave has extensive experience surveying birds professionally across the UK, Africa and the Middle East, as well as on research projects in Europe, Africa, South America and Southeast Asia.

Dave has worked as a Senior Ecologist and Clerk of Works monitoring cable laying operations associated with offshore windfarms, providing support and ecological advice to construction staff and ensuring compliance with ecological requirements.

Dave is also an experienced water vole surveyor (working on trapping and translocation projects) and carries out great crested newt, badger and bat surveys. Most recently Dave has worked as a Lead Surveyor on bird, water vole, bat, harvest mouse and badger surveys on a major infrastructure project. Dave is CSCS qualified to work on active construction sites.

John Worthington-Hill BSc(Hons) MSc
- Associate

John is an experienced ecologist with a broad skills base. He has ten years’ experience carrying out protected species surveys in the UK, specialising in bird, bat and reptile surveys, and has been involved in various development-related mitigation projects.

John has an MSc in Applied Ecology and Conservation from the University of East Anglia where, over the past three years, he has worked as a Research Associate undertaking fieldwork on breeding waders. His research interests lie primarily within behavioural and population ecology, and in applied issues of understanding and managing the impact of environmental changes on wildlife. He has led research projects on tawny owls and adders and is experienced in a range of techniques including radio telemetry and computer simulation modelling.

John has completed numerous herpetological surveys overseas and has worked extensively with conservation organisations in India, undertaking field research and community education with a focus on snake-human conflict.

Holly Nichols - Assistant Ecologist
(Intern, University of East Anglia)

Holly is a third year undergraduate Ecology student at the University of East Anglia. She is a bird, bee and bat enthusiast, with a particular interest in conservation. Currently she is working on her dissertation, investigating differences in parasitism and colourful ornamental traits in finches. She will be continuing her studies at the University of East Anglia, starting a MSc in Applied Ecology and Conservation in autumn 2019.

Holly is a volunteer for the RSPB on the Bittern Monitoring Survey and has been involved in the Little Tern Project and the Ringed/Little Ringed Plover Breeding Survey. She is also working towards her C Ringing Permit with the British Trust for Ornithology.

Through an internship in the ecological consultancy sector, Holly gained experience in bat surveys, handling, radio-tracking and data analysis. She is training towards her Level 1 and 2 Bat Survey Class Licences.

Steven Gilham - Assistant Ecologist
(Intern, University of East Anglia)

Steven is in his final year as an undergraduate studying Ecology at the University of East Anglia and has a broad interest in natural history. Steven is particularly interested in herpetology and is currently writing his dissertation on the effect of artificial refuge use on the prevalence and transmission of Snake Fungal Disease in grass snakes.

Steven has worked as a Research Assistant for Natural England on a large-scale heathland project, assisting with invertebrate, vegetation and bird surveys. He is continuing to develop his botany skills as a volunteer surveyor for the Breckland Flora Group and regularly contributes to trying to locate the rare Montagu’s harrier in Norfolk for the RSPB.

Steven has a season’s experience in the ecological consultancy sector working as an Ecology Intern, during which time he gained bat survey, handling, radio-tracking and data analysis skills. He is also training for his Level 1 and 2 Bat Survey Class Licences.

UEA Bird Group

UEA Bird Group is an independent Constituted Community Group involved in training, research and consultancy in the UK and abroad. The group specialises in surveying birds, bats and invertebrates in the UK and Africa, mainly for biodiversity assessments and research-based project work.

Members of the Group hold licences for bats (inc. mist-netting and harp-trapping) and for birds (mist-netting and Schedule 1 species surveys) and have extensive experience in gathering and interpreting high quality survey data.

The group is led by Dr Iain Barr MCIEEM, Director of Ecology Degrees at the University of East Anglia, with other group members across Norfolk.